Blockchain-Based Family Finances

Improving Financial Literacy From Cradle Through College

Through our gamified platform, users will learn how to manage money while earning micro-rewards for their contributions, achievements, and good deeds.

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September 1, 2018 @ 12:00pm EST

Join us in raising the next generation

of fiscally responsible citizens.

It takes a village!

A Rewards-Based Hybrid Digital Wallet

Supporting both fiat and cryptocurrencies, Kidcoin’s hybrid digital wallet will offer families hands-on opportunities to learn, earn, spend, save, invest and give back to their community within a secure, vetted digital ecosystem.

What’s Inside

Hybrid Digital Wallet

  • Mobile and Desktop App supporting fiat and cryptocurrency
  • Allowance management & account monitoring
  • Connected debit cards for parents and kids
  • Unlimited real-time & automated transfers
  • No risk of overdraft fees

Micro-Rewards and Micro-Scholarships

  • Sponsors can easily filter criteria to reach targeted demographics
  • Users earn micro rewards by providing merchants with consumer insights or product feedback
  • Scholarship contests incentivize users to do good deeds or strive for progress-based achievements
  • SMS and App alerts when users pre-qualify for new rewards

Primary and Secondary P2P Marketplace Ecosystem

  • Tokenization of Assets (ie. toys, clothes, tuition)
  • Age-appropriate, gated access ecosystem
  • Community vetted merchants & service providers
  • Fiat and/or cryptocurrency accepted
  • Transaction monitoring and controls

Education Savings: Advice and Fund Management

  • Education Savings Plan recommendations
  • Direct Deposit into paired 529 Plans
  • Compound Interest & tax-free earnings
  • College and future fund management services

Kidcoin Token Economy

Kidcoin is an Ethereum based token which will be able to be spent at community vetted, age appropriate vendors within the Kidcoin ecosystem. It will be stored in users’ hybrid digital wallets, alongside traditional banking assets, such as US dollars held in virtual checking and savings accounts.

Kidcoin will also be earned by users within our ecosystem through their participation in sponsor-backed contests and campaigns. Earning kidcoin will be as easy as providing the community – which includes brands, sponsors, and donors – with consumer insights, product reviews, and proof of progress based achievements or good deeds.

Kidcoin will be:

  • Secure and easy to use

  • Widely held and circulated

  • Operated under a structured coin release to prevent price speculation

Blockchain & Distributed Ledger

The motivations and advantages of Smart Contract and Blockchain technology implementation within Kidcoin ecosystem are many:

Token Model

  • 500,000,000 Total Supply
  • Unsold tokens will be stored in Reserves and made available in the future to users in the community or through secondary token sale events.
  • Reserve & Founders’ stake subject to 1-YR lockup
  • New User Mining beyond Year 1 will release additional Tokens for the whole Community, including Pre-sale and ICO token participants.


  • January 2018

    Initial Whitepaper Released

  • March 2018

    Kidcoin Private Sale Opened

  • August 2018

    New Website Launched


  • September 2018

    Kidcoin Presale Round 1 Begins

  • October 2018

    MVP Released

  • October 2018

    Kidcoin Presale Round 2 Begins


  • November 2018

    Kidcoin Token Sale Begins

  • January 2019

    Hybrid Digital Wallet - Beta Released

  • January 2019

    Family & Friends Module - Beta Released


  • February 2019

    Micros Earnings Module - Beta Released


  • March 2019

    Gated Access Marketplace Ecosystem - Beta Released


  • May 2019

    Education Savings Plan Module - Beta Released


  • July 2019

    Fund Management Module - Beta Released


  • September 2019

    Secondary P2P Marketplace; Donation Module - Beta Released


Management and Advisors

200+ Years of Collective Fintech, MarCom and Startup Experience supported by a Global Design, Development & Marketing Agency in Operation for over 17 Years.

Arman Rousta

Founder & CEO

Arman is a serial entrepreneur. He is also the Founder and CEO of B.Labs Ventures and Blueliner Marketing, a venture builder and incubator providing capital, tech, strategic direction, marketing execution and operational support to industry disrupting startup tech and product development companies.

Regina Hartman


Regina specializes in program and product launch operations. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in strategic partnerships and international program, product, and event management to Kidcoin from her previous roles within the U.S. Olympic Committee, Global Development Incubator (GDI), Social Capital Markets and the United Nations.

David Houle

Chief Brand Officer

  • Globally Recognized Futurist

  • Senior Executive that helped to launch MTV, Nickelodeon, and VH1

  • Executive Producer of Emmy, Iris, Peabody, and Heartland award winning programs

Allison Bajger

Motivation Scientist

Allison is a PhD with a background in consumer decision-making psychology. Her doctoral research primarily investigated the motivational underpinnings of consumer choice and preference, addressing questions relating to strategic digital and traditional communication.


Justin Litchfield, PhD


  • CTO at BTC Labs
  • Former CEO at Obsidian Software
  • Former Director of Engineering at OwnLocal

Babak Saleh, PhD


  • Machine Learning Scientist at AIG

  • Computer Vision and Graphics at Walt Disney Research

  • Learning Style and Infographics at Adobe Research

Carmine Vona


  • One of the founding fathers of SWIFT financial technology

  • Former CIO, Sr. Managing Director, and EVP of Bankers Trust

  • Board of Directors at MetroSoft

  • Board of Directors at SeaChange

Chris Henry


  • Former CEO of BlockSafe Technologies; a blockchain cyber-security firm

  • Assistant Vice-President Risk and Governance at Citi

  • Taxation Compliance expert for State of New York

  • Notary Public for the State of New York

  • Civil litigation experience in the Southern District of New York

Jason Voss


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